Developing a good Facebook Posting content strategy

A Facebook Page can help you achieve many different objectives, think branding, research, increased traffic, CRM and also sales. However in order to achieve these objectives it is important to have a strong content strategy in place that clearly defines your brand values, tone of voice and the type of content that will be posted on your wall.

A content strategy will:

  • Provide individuals within your company with clear guidelines for content development;
  • Ensure the content plan aimed is focused on achieving your Facebook objectives;
  • Ensure that your communication on Facebook is consistent with your brand values.

Step 1: Define the (corporate) character of your page

Define the (corporate) character of your page, what your brand values are, what tone of voice these values translate into and lastly the type of messages that will you use to get them across.

For example: If you a fun & energetic brand, your tone of voice will probably be chatty & lively and informal. This could translate into messages that are short, upbeat and optimistic.

Step 2: Define the type of content to post

In order to develop a strong content strategy and content schedule it’s important to clearly define what type of content you will use.

Types of content:

  • Tips & Help – e.g. general tips or product/service specific
  • Brand Promotion – e.g. promotional campaigns, product promotion, events
  • Active Engagement – e.g. polls and / or questions
  • Press and Media – e.g. links to relevant articles, press releases
  • General Content – e.g. video’s, images, general comments

For example: Advice for fans about using your products and related products or services. Let people know that you have product guidelines available if you’re aware that some people might need help using your product or service.

Step 3. Developing a Content Delivery Schedule

A content delivery schedule is a monthly calendar specifying which content will be posted when (date and time).

Post frequency will depend on:

  • How your fans use Facebook
  • The type of content you have available

You can prepare a content schedule using information such as seasonality, specific company promotions, scheduled blog posts, questions you might have for your fans, press coverage, videos etc.

To make sure your content reaches your fans at the right time try and find out when your fans are active on Facebook by using the fan demographics information available in the Insights section and try and find answers to:

  • Do my fans use Facebook during the day? (i.e. are they at work?)
  • Are they likely to have Facebook alerts set up on their mobile phone?
  • How often are they likely to check Facebook?

Finally it is important to not spam your fans, less can indeed be more! Learn from statistics such as fan interaction, CTR and viral activity to judge the optimal frequency of posts over time and vary your content!

Hopefully these tips were helpful!



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